The Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary defines Ordure as:
‘…..n. dirt: dung: excrement: anything unclean (fig).–adj. ordurous. (Fr.,–O. ord, foul–L. horridus, rough.) Other definitions follow. There are categories of ordure which are common, shit for example.
The subject proliferates: What are the parameters of ordure? And what is virtual ordure?

The Museum of Ordure invites contributions in all aspects of ordure


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Great Pacific Garbage Patch,

Garbage Dreams, dir. Mai Iskander, Egypt 2009

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Jacques de Vaucanson, Canard Digérateur (or Digesting Duck) of 1739,

Peter Luining, (especially, MYSPAMBOX (2007), obsolete (from 2006), PC Dumpdagen (from 2004)).

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Lu Guang, Pollution in China (2009)

Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki, various Scrapyard Challenge Workshops (from 2003)

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